Monday, January 31, 2011


Darnell Bates, a Fine Art film, night, B&W, minimalist, Landscape and Seascape Photographer for DB8S Photography,  Long Beach, CA 2011. (DB8S Photo/Darnell Bates)
Its the same Saturday morning with Denise and as we drove into Huntington Beach there was instant fog at the Bolsa Chica Reserve. This is a spot where people go to hike around and photographer/birdwatchers to catch birds that migrate to this area. It had been awhile since I last visited so I coerced Denise to stop to see what we could see.  At First site, almost nothing but Fog! yet I saw it as an opportunity to continue working with my Neutral Density Filters and loooong exposure. (f22/1.3sec)

The photographers standing about complaining about the fog and not capturing bird... so I took the opportunity to capture them waiting for the fog to lift. Also, I like how the fog graduated the scene into faded vagueness w/o going white. Ohhhh the quiet serenity and the reflection of the bridge across the water. I cooled this image (blue) just a tad to emphasize the cold feeling to it which also caused the bridge to pop. (blue and orange.... pleasing to the eye)

I am finding that all images captured this day has taken on a slightly surreal element as noted by Latoya and Anthony. My reasoning may be a combination of the looong exposure and moisture in the air.

p.s. In a larger image you can see more details of the photographers on the bridge.