Saturday, May 7, 2011

Darnell...... Get Up!

Seal Beach, CA

(click for larger image)

Often you have heard me speak of all the things you can do to improve your photography and not get stuck in a rut. Yeah Yeah for those close to me know that I have been in exactly that for the last 3 weeks.... "a rut"

So after having sit downs with my go to girl (Denise) for the last few week to talk about the directions of my photography I was beginning to turn the corner yet need a little more motivation. Soooo I reached out to a fellow landscape colleague Jade Aldrich (see link).  I bombarded him with all my problems, showed him a few images and just talk about photography. After a few he suggested that he might be interested in bouncing out to shoot.... Me? I was thinking to go home, cuddle up with Nalo and go to sleep (lol) Just as we were about to crawl into bed "the phone rang" It was Jade..... he gave me 30mins to get ready. uuuugh!

We made it out to Seal Beach Pier just before sunset, we agreed that we would shoot looong exposures and the big f-stops, with neutral density filters. All was going well until the sunset and then there was darkness under the bridge so we switched to longer exposure time (up to 2 minutes) and painted with light from Jades Mag-light he conveniently had in the car. It was a good night and might be the first step to getting out of the rut.