Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Game Plan - Pebble Beach @Crescent City2013

My photography game plan going into 2013 was to minimize the equipment I too into the field, the reason was to specialize in my chosen lens (20mm) and to minimizes distractions, focus and to get the weight of unused equipment off my shoulders. Sooo far I am failing miserably... yesterday I forgot my tripod, today I forgot my step-up ring and ohhhh I saw the perfect opportunity to use my Brownie Reflex :( Opportunity lost yet there is always tomorrow :)

This time around I have my laptop loaded w/ Lightroom and Photoshop so that I can have that option of editing and re-shooting if necessary.

I really like the mood direction and color edit of this image - I was cold and wet (oooh this day I forgot my hat and gloves)
 — at Pebble Beach, Crescent City, California.