Monday, October 1, 2012

Crescent City

This is A taste of Crescent City and surrounding areas

I am Finally Home <again> Many thanks to Michael Lowder
the Elder Lowders and the Bruders for their amazing hospitality, providing 
me with great food an extremely comfortable bed and great conversations 
equally an amazing trip. Crescent City is my new most favorite city 
in California for family and photography.

Crescent City (Chetco-Tolowa: Taa-’at-dvn,[2] Yurok: Kohpey,[3] Wiyot: Daluwagh [4]) is the county seat and only incorporated city in Del Norte County, California. Named for the crescent-shaped stretch of sandy beach south of the city, Crescent City had a total population of 7,643 in the 2010 census, up from 4,006 in the 2000 census.The population includes inmates atPelican Bay State Prison, also within the city limits, and the former census-designated place Crescent City North annexed to the city. The city is also the site of the Redwood National Park headquarters, as well as the historic Battery Point Light. Due to the richness of the local Pacific Ocean waters and the related catch, and ease of access, Crescent City Harbor serves as home port for numerous commercial fishing vessels.
The city is located on the Pacific coast in the upper northwestern part of California, about 20 miles (32 km) from the Oregon border. Crescent City's offshore geography makes it unusually susceptible to tsunamis.[5]

I shot this city many different ways yet loooong and slow and either B&W or muted colours
was my love for this trip. The over cast grey skies and a 100 Neutral Density filter allowed
me to slooooow things down on the bright and sunny days I was less inclined to shoot.  
I guess the mood for shooting was dreary days. While in Crescent City I avg. 5-6 hrs a 
day out exploring this wonderful city looking for inspiration and clearing my mind of city stuff. I forgot..... the Elder Lowders gave me the full set to "Life Library of Photography"
set and Sister Risa gave me "IMPRINTS David Plowden: A Retrospective" I am very grateful for the gift.

Muted Colours

From the ocean it was just a matter of minutes to 

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

"A Spectator in the Beauty of these giants. We can never grow this tall, stand the test of time, endure so much nor become more relevant to the earth than these giants." Darnell Bates

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park is a state park of California, United States, preserving old-growth redwoods along the Smith River. It is located along U.S. Route 199 approximately 9 miles (14 km) east of Crescent City. The park is named after explorer Jedediah Smith and is one of three state parks cooperatively managed as Redwood National and State Parks.[1] The 10,430-acre (4,220 ha) park was established in 1939.[2]

The park consists of 9,500 acres (3,800 ha) of redwood trees, including several groves of old growth trees. One of the groves, totaling 5,000 acres (2,000 ha), includes the world's largest (not tallest) coast redwood, which measures 20 feet (6.1 m) in diameter and 340 feet (100 m) tall.[3]

Day Trip to
Gold Beach, Oregon

Gold Beach (Tolowa: yan-shu’-chit [3], yan-shuu-chit’-dvn [4]) is a city in and the county seat of Curry CountyOregonUnited States,[5] on the Oregon Coast. (South Oregon) The population was 1,897 at the 2000 census
The community was originally named Ellensburg in the 1850s, but later took the name Gold Beach after a beach near the mouth of the Rogue River where hundreds of placer mines extracted gold.[6] An Ellensburgh post office was established in 1863, changed to Ellensburg in 1877, and changed to Gold Beach in 1890.[6]

The Tetrapods of Crescent City, CA

After a 25min walk along the Tetra-pod Jetty... pure beauty and tranquility. Utah was the last time I felt this alone and vulnerable, it was so quiet and the fear of rogue waves added to the suspense an
d the need to throw routine out the window.

“If an artist doesn’t take risks, then it’s not worth it.”
- Robert Frank

fyi... the Red Tetra-pod has a GPS unit in it to track its movements.

Not Random Images

I Love this place and here is where I was meant to be as a photographer. 
I will return soon b/c there was so much more to see and explore