Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wall(v) meets Sky(h).... What a complement

Darnell Bates, a Fine Art film, night, B&W, minimalist, Landscape and Seascape Photographer for DB8S Photography,  Long Beach, CA 2011. (DB8S Photo/Darnell Bates)
"Sky, Wall...Complementary" DB8S © 2010
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Often while out shooting (photography lingo) I am often looking for themes that are complementary. In this case, I choose my every running theme of minimalist photography and also used the complementary colours of the Orange (wall) and the Blue (sky) as my overall theme. I enjoy being a witness (or participant) in things that are in complementary, be it nature, photography, and especially my relationships because I enjoy things that are complete. If you look closer at the photograph you will see more things that complement each other to form the big picture (symmetry, lines, etc...)

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Because of the limitations imposed by the range of colors that were available throughout most of the history of art, many artists still use a traditional set of complementary pairs. The use of complementary colors is an important aspect of aesthetically pleasing art and graphic design.  (Wikipedia, 10 December 2010 at 10:19)
  • white and black
  • red and green
  • blue and orange
  • yellow and violet