Monday, December 20, 2010

Rain Shine Snow or Hail

Its been raining in Los Angeles for almost a week now and many of my colleagues (Shout Out to Jacqueline) have been motivated to get out there and shoot. Not me, I have been inside complaining about the rain as well as complaining about not being able to get out and shoot. Today, that all came to an end and just as soon as there was a low in the rain I dashed out to the Post Office (with camera) to get what I thought was my 22x15 photo paper for my up coming show and was too surprised to get cookies (from Scott ) -Big Smile- On the way there and back I was able to capture a few images and quench my thirst which should hold me for a day or two. 

The forecast for rain: continuous for the next 4 days.

Take Advantage of or Create Opportunities to Motivate Your Self!