Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Aural/Visual Pairing - "Sunshine"


It raining again just before New Years 2011

Music & Image Pairing - a way of expressing my 
mood musically and visually
photography, long beach, darnell bates, landscape, photographer, fine art
Click on the Music Link and let it play in the back

Floetry "Sunshine" (via YouTube)

I just wanna see my lovely sunshine(Sunshine)
I just wanna bring back all of my blue skies
And if you take away my rainbow I will cry(cry)
Give me back my sunshine


  • Planet Earth watered (Flora (plants) & Fauna (animals))
  • Snow in the hills
  • a layer of crud washed off the Earth
  • baby bunnies getting wet b/c of habitat loss <sad face>
  • No Sunshine
  • I am less motivated to shoot
  • mudslides
  • crud washed into the ocean