Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Here Little Birdy?

"Work of 7" DB8S © 2010
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Saturday about mid day I heard a rustling sound coming from my bathroom. When I opened the door the sound stopped, seeing nothing, I closed the door and went back about my business. However, after a few moments it started again, this time...... instead of opening the door quickly, I opened it slowly and peaked around it to find this "Little Birdy" attacking my window. I was not sure of her intentions (maybe she wanted to come in?) Immediately tried to recall that olde superstition.... "if a bird gets into your house it is a sign of 'Good Luck' Reflecting on the possibility of more 'Good Luck" I opted not to let her in because I felt it would be "Bad Luck" for her to come in and hurt herself for the probability of me receiving "Good Luck" Sure we could all use a little more "Good Luck" yet not at the expense of another living creature. "I am already a Lucky Man!"

"Little Birdy" continued to relentlessly attack my window for the next 4 hours (or so) with the strength of "7"as I continued to work on images. Eventually she went away as soon as the sun started to set.
To take a photos of "Little Birdy" in this static situation, I used a tripod and a wireless remote to capture the scene without disturbing the animal any more than my Apartment and window has already. Also, this way my camera was already 'at the ready' and I could kick back, observe and let her do what satisfied her.